Friday, December 11, 2009

First Tracks

The first days out on the snow hurt the legs but soothed the soul. Evan made a little video of our first days out at Valhalla Mountain Touring.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye Road Trip

My two month road trip ended in a flurry of climbing, a wedding in New York City, a Patagonia design meeting and a fantastic Thanksgiving with friends in Indian Creek.

A highlight of November was having my best buddy Mandoline Clark take a much needed break from her intense school schedule to meet me in Zion for a week. We climbed Shune's Buttress and Sheer Lunacy in Zion, skinny dipped in the Virgin River and generally caused trouble as usual.

I also dispatched a bit of a lingering climbing project that spilled over from my road trip last fall. Ruby's Cafe is a 12+/13- crack in Indian Creek that likes to chew your fingers up and spit them out unceremoniously. This year I sent with minimal gobies and maximum satisfaction.

Rather than bore you with the details of a whole month of excitement I will pass on the highlights with photos:

Mandoline on p1 of Shune's Buttress

Mandoline jamming splittersville on Shune's Buttress

Offwidth Queen Mandoline "scabby knees" Clark in Zion

Me and Mandoline a.k.a 'les femmebots' matching and psyched on the top of Sheer Lunacy

Family portrait, Evan's expression says it all

California Condor enjoying the scenery, Zion

Kate Rutherford and I on top of Angels Landing, spreading the CO2 gospel

Dickson's Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market, NYC. Your best source for local, sustainably raised cow, pig and poultry in the big apple. Jacob Dickson, my bro-in-law, presiding.

3 Generations of Stevens: Lee, Marty and Evan.

Evan's version of his sister Jen's wedding in New York

Lynn Hill, maybe you've heard of her? She was my roommate at the Patagonia Design Meeting in Moab. The woman climbs, parties and just is so much harder than I will ever hope to be.

The Rectum, I mean Rectory

Matty Segal trying to weasel his fingers into a mini crack

Jason 'high quality denim' Kruk two beers and one red bull in, getting psyched for whipper thirty on Air Sweden

Who says white men can't jump?

The following photos are actually good... because they were taken by a pro. John Dickey is an old friend and a great photographer and these images are his, taken on an Unnamed 5.11- route at Broken Tooth in Indian Creek.