Thursday, July 31, 2008

If I'm going to have to work it might as well be raining

It's been an insane month since my last post. Tons of working, partying and to be totally honest, not a lot of sending (or for that matter even climbing at all). The Squamish Mountain Festival was a huge hit with lots of great slideshows and parties (the Tight and Bright night was an especially good time... luckily for all participants climbers tend to have bodies that aren't completely disgusting when clad in spandex). There has been lots of amazing energy around town with many visiting big names showing up on local testpieces; it's an exciting time to be a Squamishite!

The last 14 days straight have been work days, but before that there were some good times. A great evening session out with photographer Paul Bride on the backside of the chief saw me sweating to the oldies on the heinous offwidth 'Boogie 'Till You Puke' with Paul snapping photos of my attempted (and very much thwarted) onsight attempt. Strangely, I thought the route was actually pretty fun and I'd like to get back on it and send.

Boogie Till You Puke - Photos by Paul Bride

Next came a killer day on Southern Lights with Mandoline Clark. We both had an amazing day, with her sending the burly Alaska Highway crux pitch and me onsighting the second pitch of The Calling, an Indian Creek style dihedral from big fingies through tight hands to hands. YAY!!! Beautiful pitch!

The Calling

Mando and I psyched at the top of Southern Lights

Revisited Zap Crack so my buddy Paul could snap a few pics of what I think is one of the prettiest finger cracks in Squampton. Kind of funky light up there made his job harder but I think the splotches of sunlight look super cool.

Zap Crack - Photos by Paul Bride

Finally, I've been sessioning Zombie Roof a bit since it makes a great after work, low commitment, blow off steam option. One of the days I was up there with Senja Palonen, her boyfriend Rich Wheater shot some pics. I haven't sent it yet, but yesterday was within spitting distance, so I'm hoping if the Squamish drizzle dies down I will dispatch it soon.

Zombie Roof - photos by Rich Wheater

Well that's all the spray that's fit to print. Hopefully my next post will have killer shots of Mandoline and I sending granite goodness in the Bugaboos; we are heading there for a week in early August.

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