Friday, October 17, 2008

Road Trip Update - Yosemite

I am sitting in a comfortable antique lounge chair in the beautiful and elegant Ahwahnee Lodge. Someone is playing a grand piano so beautifully that I had to interrupt my trashy TV rest day indulgence via the free wireless here, pull off my headphones and reflect on what's happened in the several weeks since I left Squamish.

First and foremost, I've lost a lot of skin. There are those who claim that if you are a good crack climber that you won't damage your skin. If that's true than I need some serious technique lessons because I am scraped, bruised and scratched from my neck (gear sling chaffing) to my toes (from wearing rock shoes on multipitches for hours on end). Had many adventures since I've been here, and climbed some great routes. Freeblast, The Rostrum, the first 1/3 of the Nose, Hotline, as well as some amazing cragging including Fish Crack, Crimson Cringe, Separate Reality, Tales of Power. No great sends to speak of, but after a few weeks of steady climbing my fitness feels back up to midsummer levels.

As I was waiting in the lineup in front of the Camp 4 kiosk this morning to renew my site (a several hour endevour in the early AM chill) a climber who was leaving offered up his bike for free. It's a beat up 10 speed with only one speed working, seriously sketchy brakes and is really big for me. But I am currently carless because my husband Evan has taken our truck and left me here to climb while he attends the American Mountain Guides Association Annual Meetings in Bend, Oregon (he's on the Board of Directors). So... today was spent cruising around on the free bike. My rest day errands have taken me around at least 10 miles of road back and forth between Camp 4, the showers at Curry Village, the laundry at Housekeeping Camp, the Village Store, the clean bathrooms at Yosemite Lodge (with warm running water and taps that stay on!). Yes, the simple life is feeling pretty good these days.

No photos because I left my camera in my tent, but will post some next time. Until then, wish me fresh skin cells and a dose of Yosemite courage!

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Rich Wheater said...

I can't believe that you just listed so many of Yosemite's amazing (and hard) classics and then followed it up with "no great sends to speak of". Are you joking?!?!?
Hope you're having fun out there (and geez, get of the couch and start sending, would ya? he, he) Senja