Monday, July 12, 2010

Women's Crack Climbing Weekend in Squamish

The participants and instructors, perfecting our crack climber gang signs

The Crack Climbing Technique for Women clinic this weekend was a ton of fun. The participants Pamela, Helen, Jen, Krissy, Lisa, Elli and Colleen all had great enthusiasm and weren't afraid to toss any amount of their flesh into the rock in the name of climbing cracks. Thanks to you wonderful women for a great weekend, and looking forward to seeing you all out on the rock or in future courses! I was lucky enough to convince young cranker and lovely lady Hazel Findley to help me coach the women as they honed their finger locks, finger stacks, ring locks, hand jams, cups, fists, hand stacks, chicken wings, butt scums....

Thanks to Black Diamond for providing the cool t-shirts and to Pro Bar for supplying yummy, healthy snacks.

If you are interested in signing up for a Women's Crack Technique Course, the next one is August 21,11, 2010. Price $250 for the weekend.

Other courses coming up:
September 18-19, 2010. Two day trad leading and multipitch techniques for women. Price $250.

Contact me at to book a spot on either of these courses or to get more information.

Pamela on Exasperator

Climbing buddies Krissy and Jen at the base of the Grand Wall

Krissy on Exasperator

Jen on Exasperator

Lisa on Exasperator

Helen on Exasperator

Elli on Exasperator

Colleen on A Pitch in Time

Pamela on a Pitch in Time

Lisa celebrating her clean ascent of A Pitch in Time

Refueling in my back yard after a hard day in the Smoke Bluffs

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