Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming home

The last few weeks have been full of travel, navigating through grad school bureaucracy, climbing limestone, gneiss and granite in two countries, househunting, guiding and many other adventures too numerous to convey. After wrapping up my two year stint in Salt Lake it was time to pack up our belongings and head back to the true north strong and free (from far and wide, oh canada, we stand on guaaard fooor theeeee! - Canadian National Anthem). Instead of boring you to death with the details, I will instead pass on some photos which span the space and time since my last post.

1. Evan's getting cosy with his belayer offwidth master Ari Menitov on the bottom of a steep, moist route at American Fork, Utah.

Luckily the second try went better than the first:

2. Witnessing the sweet sport of river boarding in the river at American Fork

3. Trying a really cool route up at the Black Peeler crag in Little Cottonwood Canyon (Ace Drizzle Memorial). No sendage and no climbing shots, but some great spazzing on lead, barndooring off while trying to place gear and only this cheesy portrait to show for my efforts.

3. Teaching a rock rescue course in Squamish, BC.

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zac said...

ha! hey jasmin. my buddy dropped me a line with a pic of me in my underwear in the river in AF on some random website. I was kind of relieved to see it was just your blog.

glad to see yall made it up to BC safely. I may try to get up there this summer. who knows.
- zac