Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New York I love you, but...

It's nice to be home.

Just got back from a 4 day trip to NYC to pay a surprise birthday/mother's day visit to Evan's mom. Great to see family and catch up, and when Sunday dawned crisp, clear and beautiful, we decided to take a trip to the Gunks to climb some super classic, super steep, super sandbagged routes. We were scampering up the trail to the Lost Cities crag, excited about rumours of an overhanging crack when I took a misstep and tumbled across some boulders, bashing my shin on a sharp one pretty good. Evan took a look while I was still a bit stunned and his tone of voice told me immediately that things didn't look good. I peeked down at my shin... a 4 cm long gash pierced through the fat and one part looked particularly deep. We wrapped some climbing tape around my leg and limped back down to the parking lot and found a clinic that was open on Sunday in New Paltz. The doc put in 4 stitches and said I could go climbing! Back to the crag, but I was feeling tentative and gun shy after my klutzy morning, so it was all TRing for me. Did some great pitches before motoring back to the city for a delicious mother's day dinner with our New York family and friends at a famed Manhattan Italian restaurant (Otto) and even a star sighting (Diane Keaton). She looked like she had just wandered off the set of Annie Hall a few decades later... bowler hat, dark glasses, slacks, 6 inch heels.

The rest of the trip passed with more amazing food (Spice Market was a real standout), wine, family and even a trip to the Chelsea Piers climbing gym! Photos from the trip are below, including my stitched up leg which is healing up great.

Hit up American Fork this afternoon for a sport climbing session and am finally starting to feel back in gear after a long winter. Yay!

Cool art in Evan's sister's building

Battle wound

Evan on the approach to some urban climbing

Empire State Building

The best crag in NY

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