Monday, September 6, 2010

BC Staycation

One of the great things about going away on a trip to Greenland was that I came home with renewed psyche and admiration for my life of work and play in Squamish. I have had so many local mini-adventures since I arrived home: trips to the farmers market, swims in the river, amazing mountain bike rides, many climbs up the Chief, a dance party 'till dawn and a mini climbing road trip with my best bud Mandoline. I can hardly believe I have been home less than a month!

I guided my friend Dave on his first climb to the top of the Chief via Rock On and the Squamish Butt-Face. He liked the experience so much we did The Ultimate Everything two days later!

Dave enjoying his first time up the Chief

Dave getting into this gem of a handcrack on The Ultimate Everything

Although Mandoline and I can't make our schedules match up as much as we would like, we make up for it by having a lot of fun when we manage to get out climbing together. We ventured out on a two-day mini road trip to the limestone adventure-chossaneering mecca of Marble Canyon and the soaring granite slab-dome of Yak Peak.

Me weaving through the choss on Yellow Brick Road, Marble Canyon, BC

If only the rock could be as good as the scenery

At least our ropes got stuck on the rappel and I got to tune up my prussiking skills

Yak Peak - slabby from top to bottom

Mandoline on Yak Check, happy to be back on the granite

Yup, pretty slabby

Mandoline channeling the lightness of a butterfly, landing on the death flake for but a mere second

If only our yoga could be as coordinated as our outfits

Yesterday I was guiding the Squamish Buttress and was able to spectate Evan Stevens and Jeremy Blumel on Colin Moorhead, Tony Richardson and Jason Kruk's new route on the Prow Wall - Gravity Bong IV 5.12d. Looks like an amazing and high quality line, I can't wait to try it!

Jeremy belays Evan on the 12a third pitch of Gravity Bong

Evan climbing the 12a fifth pitch of Gravity Bong

Evan shaking out on the 12a fifth pitch of Gravity Bong

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Elli said...

This week has been very stressful in Boulder, Colorado with a catastrophic fire burning in our foothills. Popping into your blog and seeing the recent climbs was like ahhhh, a stress release. Looks like a lovely fall in SQ.

My local area doesn't have many opportunities to hand jam but I got to the top of a route today and had a perfect (for me) hand jam crack to finish on. The side where the back of my hand went against the rock was perfect smooth and flat, like a finished countertop. Amazing.