Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall splendour

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the crisp breezes, the shortening days, the incredible clarity of the air when it is not hazed by humidity and smog. Fall makes me feel like cooking amazing food - colourful salads full of local harvest bounty, hearty soups chock full of root vegetables and seasoned with fresh herbs. There is nowhere better to indulge my fall cravings than at my childhood home in Hills, so when guiding work wrapped up in Squamish, Hills was the first stop on my fall road trip which will eventually take me to Yosemite, Bishop, Red Rocks, Zion and likely some other stops too.

I spent some quality time catching up with my Mum, sis and Dad and some necessary work time getting Valhalla Mountain Touring all ready for the winter ski season.

The unveiling of the new (heavy!) Wolf stove for the lodge

Fall colours over Fish Lake, near Retallack

Spectacular weather for a hike up Mt. Brennan with my Mum and our pack of hounds

Pretty views from the summit of Mt. Brennan towards Whitewater Peak

Big smiles, bright jackets and white sunglasses is the dress code for the day on Mt. Brennan

Bootskiing on the descent

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